2017 Summer Camp Dates

Summer is a great time to visit The Salvation Army Wonderland Camp and Conference Center in Camp Lake, Wisconsin.  Enjoy the lake, music and sport camps, bible lessons, and fun with new friends! Registration applications for our camps and summer employment are available online.

ALL Camp applications are due at Wonderland no later than 1 week prior of each session.

Senior Citizens’ Camp: 

June 5-8 (Ages 62+)
Seniors Camp Registration is AVAILABLE for the 2017 Summer!

Download Application for the Seniors Camp Application.

Youth Camps:

Sports Camp: June 19-22 (Ages 7-12) Download Application  Registration is NOT YET AVAILABLE.

  • For youth ages 7-12, who seek general instruction for one of the following sports:
    basketball, soccer, flag football, volleyball, and cheer-leading, as well receive a Biblical approach to healthy living. 

Music Conservatory: June 19-22 (Ages 12+)
Music Camp: June 24- July 1  (Ages 8-16)

Teen Camp: July 3-July 6 (Ages 13-15) Download Application Registration is NOT YET AVAILABLE.

  • For youth ages 13-15, who seek a well-rounded camping experience and Biblical teaching.

Character Building Camp*: July 10-13 (Ages 7**-12) Download Application Registration is NOT YET AVAILABLE.

  • Youth who have completed 1st grade through 17 years old, earn emblems, learn new skills,increase their knowledge of the world around them, and Explore God’s Word. All interested participants are encouraged to contact their local Salvation Army Corps Community Center. www.salarmychicago.org

Bible Life and Gospel Arts:  July 17-20 (Ages 7-12) Download Application Registration is NOT YET AVAILABLE.

  • For youth ages 7-12, who seek entry level instruction on music/worship arts
    (no music experience required), while exploring God’s Word.

High Adventure Camps: (Outside Tent Camping)

Girl Guard & Ranger Camp*:  July 17-20 (Ages 12-17)   is NOT YET AVAILABLE

High Adventure #2:  July 31- August 3 (Ages 9-12) is NOT YET AVAILABLE

Download Application  Registration is NOT YET AVAILABLE 

  • For youth ages 9-12, will be sleeping in tents, fixing meals over a campfire,learning wilderness survival skills.
    Participate in team building activities and exploring God’s Word and God’s World. 
  • An individual can only attend one High Adventure session per summer.

*Contact local Salvation Army Church for Details
** 1st grade completed

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2017 Summer Youth Camp Application

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