Bed and Bread Match Challenge


Need is in every neighborhood, on every block.

Sometimes it is right there for us to see – someone standing on the street corner asking for change. And sometimes it’s hidden – a mother not purchasing much-needed medication in order to keep a roof over her family’s head.

Chicago Public Schools identified almost 19,000 homeless students during the 2015-2016 school year, with nearly 16,500 living with friends, family members or neighbors. Approximately 812,000 people in Cook County turn to food pantry programs for groceries. And of those seeking assistance obtaining food, almost 60 percent have to choose between paying rent/mortgage and buying groceries.

The Salvation Army is there to meet these needs with an emergency shelter for families, food pantries and emergency assistance to keep families in their homes. And in 2017, the Army will partner with the City of Chicago to open an Emergency Homeless Assessment and Response Center to help families find temporary shelter and support services to get them off the streets.

Through the Bed & Bread Match Challenge, you have an exclusive opportunity to transform the lives of those most in need. You’ll ensure that critical programs are funded and help provide basic services, such as a warm room and soft bed for a family previously sleeping in their car, or a bag of groceries for the father struggling to feed his children. You’ll give a young family a merry Christmas and make sure the full spectrum of Army support services will be available to surround those in need and provide a pathway of hope. You will help those people you see on the streets every day, as well as those who hide their struggles.

Double Your Impact!

This year’s campaign goal is $4 million, and through the generosity of our Bed & Bread Match Challenge partners, we are already on our way. Several generous donors have contributed to a pool of money, which will be used to match all gifts $5,000 and greater received by January 31, 2017. This means your gift will be doubled and have a greater impact!

The Salvation Army changes millions of lives every year. We feed the hungry, house the homeless, make holidays bright and address people’s greatest needs. And with your support, we’ll be able to make a difference in even more lives this year.

The Salvation Army Bed and Bread Match Challenge