Black History Month Celebration


The Salvation Army Temple corps invites you to come celebrate with us the heritage and history we have during Black History Month. This is a time for all Americans to learn, honor and celebrate the  brilliant achievements of black men and women throughout history.

Our celebration is on Sunday, February 23rd at the Salvation Army Temple corps. We’ll feature poems, readings, songs and good Soul Food! Feel free to come to our church service at 11:15am or join us straight at 1pm for the event.

Black History Month Celebration
Sunday, February 23 2014

The Salvation Army Temple Corps
1 N. Ogden Avenue
Chicago, IL 60607

A history Snapshot of Black History Month:

The month of February was chosen because it included the birthdays of two men whose legacies were pivotal turning points in the history of blacks in America: President Abraham Lincoln (February 12), who issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, ending slavery across the United States, and Frederick Douglass (February 14) an African-American social reformer, orator, writer and statesman who, after escaping from slavery, became a leader of the abolitionist movement.

Today, Black History endures as a lasting tribute to the milestones and achievements of African Americans in the US.

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