STOP-IT is a program of The Salvation Army Family and Community Services. STOP-IT works directly with suspected trafficked persons no matter their age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

STOP-IT is funded to work with any and all victims/survivors of human trafficking.

  • Adults and Minors
  • Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking
  • Domestic (US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents) and Foreign National (documented and undocumented)
  • Male and Female

STOP-IT does not discriminate against anyone who meets the definition of Human Trafficking and desires assistance.

STOP-IT assists people in leaving their exploitative situation and helps them to move forward to rebuild their lives. We do this by working alongside people to identify their needs and provide them with access to resources. Needs include but are not limited to: clothing, toiletries, identifying documentation, sustenance, shelter/housing, transportation, legal, medical, psychological, schooling, job connection, interpreter. We do our best to help with anything a potential client identifies as a need or goal. We will always connect them to the appropriate provider if we can’t provide for something ourselves.

With the client’s permission, STOP-IT works alongside law enforcement, prosecutors, immigration attorneys, DCFS workers, medical providers and family members.