How to Help

Help us help survivors of human trafficking. Learn more about human trafficking, share what you know, help educate professionals, and volunteer for our program.  Make a considerable impact today.

You’ve probably heard the estimated statistics and stories relating to human trafficking.  Maybe you feel as though the task is too great to make an impact.  Perhaps you are resigned to the “fact” that human trafficking will always be in existence and that it is therefore pointless to combat.  Or maybe you feel debilitated out of despair at the horrendous nature of the crime. We want you to know you CAN help.

There are concrete tasks, big and small, that will make a major impact for change.

1.  LEARN about what is happening globally, nationally, and locally.   Set up a Google Alert for human trafficking. Check out our news page for local and program updates.  Finally, visit our partners’ pages to gather even more information on the issue.  In order to make an informed impact, it is vital to understand what is actually going on in our communities.

2.  SHARE the information you have.  Shed light on the issue with facts, stories, and resources.  Follow our Facebook page for easy updates.  Help us raise awareness by spreading the news.

3.  VOLUNTEER with us.  We need help – the team is small, but growing.  We are currently scheduling our next round of training for our Hotline Advocates, but are always looking for help in a variety of areas (social media, outreach/awareness,  drop-in support, etc.).  Figure out where your talents can augment the program and get involved!

4. HELP victims in your community by educating those who are already coming in contact with victims of trafficking, such as social workers, medical professionals, law enforcement, and community members.  STOP-IT regularly trains anyone interested in both public and site specific trainings.  Contact us to set up a training today.  (Please do not take it into your own hands to perform a recovery – leave this up to professionals.  If you want to know more about our philosophy behind interventions, please read our blog post on the topic.)

5.  GATHER items that would be useful to provide ongoing support to individuals who are currently being trafficked, either through drives or by reaching out to companies with whom you have connections.  We also need help in identifying resources that would be useful in re-establishing independent lives.  Both concrete items and professional services (medical/dental, counseling, education, job, legal, and housing) are necessary to begin rebuilding lives. Check out our Amazon Wish list!

6.  FIND a unique way to support anti-trafficking programs by using the skills and talents you have. Your unique expertise could help us raise funds for programming and bring awareness about those working to combat human trafficking.  Want more ideas?  Check out our blog:  Get involved.  Be creative.  Make an impact.

7.  REPORT suspected trafficking.  If it is an emergency, always dial 9-1-1.  If you would like to report suspected trafficking situations taking place in northern Illinois, please call the STOP-IT hotline at 877.606.3158.  If you are anywhere else in the country, feel free to call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 888.3737.888.  Make the call today.

8.  ATTEND local events about the issue. Whether you’ve been involved in combating human trafficking for years or are trying to figure out how to get involved, anti-trafficking events not only provide new information, but also help to build and strengthen connections in the field.  We are stronger when able to provide more services because of these networks and are able to do that better collaboratively with a wide range of expertise.

9.  SHOP for fair trade items and items made by survivors, locally and internationally.  Become a conscientious consumer.  When we let companies know that we are not willing to support the enslavement of cheap labor, or that we are willing to spend more money to ensure a fair wage for all involved parties, companies will be forced to have more accountability in the production of their products.

10.  PRAY, meditate, sing, or do whatever suits you, whether alone or in community, to make an impact and to ensure that you have the strength to continue.

Get involved.  Make an impact.