Lack of Activity

Perhaps some of you have noticed a lack of activity on this site, lack of updates, and blog posts, and new events.  Well, that is as a result of several changes in our program leading to a silence on our social media.  We recognize that this silence is not a good thing, that it is actually be harmful to our program, not just unhelpful.  Which leaves us with a challenge.  As many anti-trafficking programs are experiencing, funding is growing tighter, case loads are growing fuller, and staff is being stretched thinner.  We rely on a small team to not only provide our direct services – intensive case management and mentoring/emotional support, but also to run our drop-in space; develop youth leadership; and participate in various speaking engagements, fairs, and community events.  And of course all “other tasks as assigned.”

All of this leads us to the point of this post:  We need help!  We are looking for individuals who are willing to take on various responsibilities throughout the STOP-IT Program.  We are looking for people who are committed to fighting human trafficking, not through a one-time, feel good volunteering opportunity in which you hear the experience of a survivor and then go on your way.  We need help from people who are willing to go through a rather intensive screening process.  We need help from people who are willing to make commitments.  Are you willing to commit to taking the hotline one weekend a month for six months?  Are you willing to help manage our social media presence?  Are you willing to find resources to help support our program participants through donations?  These are not the glamorous volunteer opportunities that some organizations offer.  But they are the reality of our needs.  We need help.  And we hope you are in a position to get involved.

If you are interested in volunteering with the STOP-IT Program in the methods mentioned above, or if you have some creative methods to help, please contact us at

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