Food Pantry

The Salvation Army in St. Charles offers a food pantry for those in need in the communities of St. Charles, Campton Hills, Geneva, Batavia, and Wayne.

If you are needing help with food on a monthly basis, please contact Belen Hood at 630-377-2769, Ext. 209 for an appointment or times of our walk in assistance.
For monthly food assistance, we ONLY REQUIRE a photo ID and proof of residency (utility bill, medical card, lease aggreement, etc.).  We NEVER take in to account what your income may or may not be.

Did you know that besides food assistance on a monthly basis, we also assist with a toiletry bag and frozen meat??

If available, we also assist with diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dish soap, feminine products, and adult products.  These items are by request only — if you are currently signed up food assistance on a monthly basis.

If you are needing help just once, or you live out of our service area, and have never been here before, we can still assist you with food!

No one is EVER turned away for Food Assistance!