Expanded Open Walking Hours Now Available!

Indoor Walking

Indoor Walking Available at The Salvation Army

Come join us, walk at your own pace inside our gym.  This is FREE and there is no age limit.  Note:  every once in a while the gym is Indoor Walkingneeded for special occasions and is not available.  Flyers will be posted of the gym closing, before these events.

Please wear indoor shoes to help protect our floors.  Thanks!

The Salvation Army
1710 S 7th Ave
St Charles, IL

Questions?  Contact us at 630-377-2769 ext 210!

NEW Walking Schedule Winter 2018


Whole Gym: 7-9 AM, 12-2:30 PM
Half Gym:  9 AM-12 PM


Whole Gym:  12-2:30 PM
Half Gym:  7 – 8 AM, 9 AM-12 PM


Whole Gym:  7-10 AM, 1:30-2:30 PM
Half Gym:  10 AM-1:30 PM


Whole Gym:  7 AM – 2:30 PM


Whole Gym:  12-2:30 PM
Half Gym:  7 AM – 12 PM

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