Heading on The Right Direction

Nancy [name has been changed], a single mom with three children, first came to The Salvation Army St. Charles/Tri-Cities Corps Community Center in need of affordable youth programming for her children. Her two daughters were immediately enrolled in the after-school programs and thrived. Shortly before Christmas, Nancy lost her job as an administrative assistant and was finding it difficult to maintain her household on the modest unemployment she was receiving. Every month Nancy juggled to pay rent, utilities, childcare expenses and food with her meager resources. The Army immediately worked with Nancy to stabilize her situation. She was able to receive assistance with free childcare, signed up to visit the food pantry every month and participates in the bread distribution days where she receives not only bread, but vegetables and dairy products. She also received rental assistance for her apartment so that she did not have the added issue of relocating her family during this stressful time. The Army also helped Nancy provide her children with a happy Christmas through the Angel Tree program. The program provides each family with a holiday food box and several gifts for each child. As she was searching for employment, Nancy realized she needed new glasses. The Salvation Army connected her with the Lions Club eyeglasses program where she received a free checkup and secure the needed eyeglasses. Today, Nancy is working two part-time jobs and is successfully supporting her family. She is grateful for The Salvation Army and the assistance she received. She has great hope for her family’s future.

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