Sample Letter/Email Four – Thank You Note to Donors

To thank your donors, copy and paste the sample below in an email or letter.

Subject Line: Thank you for donating to my Online Red Kettle


You are Helping to Make a Difference

Hi (enter contact name),

Thank you for the generous donation you made to my Online Red Kettle!  Your contribution has brought my fundraising results to a total of  (enter total amount of donations raised to date) – which counts toward my overall goal of raising (enter fundraising goal).

Last year, The Salvation Army used gifts like yours to provide nearly 60 million meals and 10 million nights of shelter for individuals and families in need. Your donation will help make sure that they can continue Doing the Most Good for those who need it most.

Programs provided by The Salvation Army throughout the year include Youth Shelter Intervention Programs, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services, and job referrals to those out of work. Watch videos of how your donations change lives all year long.

Your support means everything to a number of people – to me, the people at The Salvation Army, and those who will be served by your donation.

Thank you from all of us,

 (enter your name)