Anne’s House

The Salvation Army PROMISE Program (Partnership To Rescue Our Minors From Sexual Exploitation) is pleased to announce the opening of Anne’s House- Illinois’ first long term trauma based residential program for young women and girls who have been impacted by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. This trauma based program will offer comprehensive services including, but not limited to, individual and group therapy, life skills training, support with academic and vocational goals, social and recreational activities and spiritual guidance.

Appropriate candidates for the program are females from the United States, without children in their custody, ages 12 to 21, who are actively being commercially sexually exploited (sex trafficked), are willing to voluntarily enter the program, and willing to abide by program rules and regulations. All program candidates must be psychiatrically stable and willing to achieve and maintain a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

Since we are one of a few programs in the nation dedicated to serving this target population, we will be receiving referrals from US residents across the nation. We will accept referrals from government and non-government organizations. We do not accept international or foreign national referrals.

Anne’s House is dually licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services as a group home and child welfare agency.

For more information about Anne’s House or to make a referral, please email us at: