BRAVO! Solo Contest


The Bravo! Solo contest was on May 17, 2014. It was open to all music students ages 9-25. The contest took place from 9-11 AM on prior to the Let The Music Begin Concert at The Salvation Army Mayfair Community Church.

Congratulations to our winners and all the contest participants!

There were five categories: Vocal, Brass  & Woodwinds, Percussion, Guitar, and Piano. Each category was divided by age level.

Vocal: 1st Place – Lucas Yun* (Mayfair)
2nd Place – Ashanti Holmes (Mayfair)
3rd Place – Carlos Merlos (Mayfair)

Brass & Woodwinds:
Level 1 (9-12): 1st Place – Angela Lawson* (Cornet, Norridge)
2nd Place – Joshua Rapley (Baritone, Oakbrook Terrace)
3rd Place – Grace Washburn (Cornet, Norridge)
Level 2 (13-15) 1st Place – Melissa Alonso* (Cornet, East Chicag0)
2nd Place – Tito Rapley (Baritone, East Chicago)
3rd Place – Brandi Middendorp (Alto Saxophone, Des Plaines)
Open Level (9-25): 1st Place: Christina Yon (Flute, Mayfair)
2nd Place – Jeffery Kim* (Euphonium, Mayfair)
3rd Place – Marc Smith (Cornet, Aurora)

Level 1 (9-13) -1st Place: Curran Whyte* (Des Plaines)
2nd Place – William Lawson (Des Plaines)
3rd Place – Jaden Neil (Des Plaines)
Open Level (9-25): 1st Place: Aaron Harris* (Gary-Merrillville)

Level 1 (13-15) 1st Place: Harley Reyes* (Des Plaines)
2nd Place – Jaden Neil (Des Plaines)
3rd Place – Ivan Pato (Mayfair)
Open Level (9-25): 1st Place: Sean Jeon* (Mayfair)
2nd Place – Lucas Yun (Mayfair)
3rd Place – Jack Farez (Mayfair)

Level 1 (9-12): 1st place – Ashley Villafuerte* (Des Plaines)
2nd Place – Milagros Berrios (Mayfair)
3rd Place – Arely Cortes (Mayfair)
Open Level (9-25): 1st Place – Yewon Lee* (Mayfair)
2nd Place – Quinten Brown (Red Shield Center)
3rd Place – Ashley Chung (Mayfair)

Brass/Woodwind and Piano chose one of two solos designated for each age/category.
Percussion, Guitar and Vocal participants performed the designated solo according to age category. Open Percussion allowed for solos on snare, set or mallet percussion.
Those performing in the Open section were free to choose any solo (7 minute maximum).

Soloists competed in their age category or higher if they chose. The highest scoring soloists in each CATEGORY (vocal, guitar, piano, brass/woodwind, percussion) was featured during the Let The Music Begin Concert that afternoon.

The highest scoring soloists in each category AND age level were selected to represent the Metropolitan Division at the Central Territory Bravo! Solo Contest which was took place on Saturday, June 7 2014 at the Radisson Hotel and Star Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana. The asterick* notes which contestants competed in the Central Territory Bravo! Solo Contest.

CLICK HERE for samples of all the solos, titles of designated solos, and information on where to purchase each solo.