Music & Gospel Arts Internship

The Metropolitan Music & Gospel Arts Department (MGAD) is excited to announce that we will once again be hiring two interns for the summer months.

The purpose of these internships is to give Salvationist college music students and graduates the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of Salvation Army music & gospel arts programs.

Potential applicants should be college aged Salvationists in good standing at their corps, and have completed at least 1 year of a music degree.


Over the course of the summer, the interns will assist MGAD in all that it does between May 14-July 20. This includes the day to day office functions necessary to keep MGAD running, assisting with the management of our LTMB instruments, as well as the planning and running of our two camps, Conservatory and Metro Music Camp. The interns will also assist MGAD in supporting local corps however is necessary.

Interns will receive $3,500 in the form of an educational grant, unless the intern has graduated, in which case it will be given as a stipend in two installments.


To read more, click here.  To download the application, click here.

The application is due Friday, March 2nd.


For more information, contact Dr. Jonathan Corry at