The Metropolitan Division will host a Singing Company Festival on Saturday May 13th at Mayfair Community Church. The Singing Company Festival will commence at 2pm – immediately after our annual Metro Youth Music Concert. A reminder of the guidelines for this event are as follows:

All singing companies will have a minimum of four (4) members with ages being no younger than 7 and no older than 16.
All singing companies will perform in the uniform attire determined by their corps.
All singing companies will be evaluated seeking an “Exemplary”, “Accomplished”, or “Developing” evaluation. This is not a competition.
All singing companies will be evaluated by three evaluators including a representative from the Territorial Music and Gospel Arts department. These evaluators will choose the singing companies to participate in the family congress.

We are thrilled to announce that our guest judge for this event will be Dr. Rosita Sands, Professor of Music and Chair of Music at Columbia College, Chicago. We are looking forward to her encouraging comments.

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