Golf Outing Raises Close to $18,000

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We couldn’t be more thankful to our partner in putting this event together, the Lakeshore 89.1 FM, and all the wonderful people who were involved in the process. We also thank our sponsors for making this event a reality and get us one step forward in our fundraising efforts.

In addition, we couldn’t have done this without the generous contributions of all the donors and participants in our golf outing who helped us raise close to $18,000!  For that, we are forever grateful and we rejoice with such great news.

These funds, will help us run the various programs we offer in Lake County, IN. These programs go from after-school programs to food pantryhelp and are key to the families in our communities. Without these services and programs, hundreds of people would go hungry and hundreds of kids would not perform well in school. So, we are glad YOU are making an impact by supporting these families with us.

As good as this sounds, we still find ourselves struggling to find the funds to help us operate daily. In fact, out of the funds raised during the golf outing, The Salvation Army will benefit from 50% of them and the remaining funds will go to The Lakeshore 89.1FM radio programming. This means that although we are grateful for your generosity, only $9,000 will come to our programs. Thus the need to continue in our efforts to raise money in order to continue with our services to the community.

So we trust that people like you will rise to  the occasion and work together with us in doing the most good.

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