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Easter is Coming

God can give life to the dead, bring light from darkness and create something out of nothing. Many of us simply do not believe that there is nothing sacred about ordinary things and people.  There is no mystery in everyday life, and there is no more to this world than what you can see, hold and buy. I will tell you what I tell my children, “The one who dies with the most toys wins” and “Money is God” is a lie. “God loves the world”. Don’t you see an empty tomb changes everything. How can you say resurrection is a false hope? empty_tombSometimes the most important facts are the hardest to accept. A man can come back from the dead. So I refuse to believe despair is stronger than hope, power is superior to compassion and might makes right. Why? The life and death of a first-century Jew named Jesus makes a difference. It would therefore be foolish to say that death has the last word. There is too much pain and suffering in the world today. But for many of us, this is not the ultimate reality – Easter is coming!


If you can not claim this hope for yourself, please join us on Sunday, April 20 at 10:45am.

Movie Night: Prince of Egypt

Join us on Friday, April 25th at 5:30pm to watch the classic film Prince of Egypt.
300 Third Ave., Joliet IL. 60435 (815.726.4834)

$2 admission for food and drinks