Summer Crisis


We welcome the whosoever to join us in worshp each Sunday

9:30am Prayer Time

10:00am Sunday School for all ages

11:00am Morning Celebration!!!

12:30pm Fellowship Time


Women’s Ministries, Teen/Young Adult fellowship/Youth Choir

Need a ride? Call by Friday noon

219-887-6588 and say, Hey I need a ride to church!


Sad Christmas







The holidays are a special time of the year for almost everyone. Time of games, parties, great food and gifts.

On the other hand, you know that there are many people this year who will not have the chance to enjoy the holidays because they can’t afford it. It will be sad for hundreds or thousands of kids in Eastern Lake County Indiana. However, we can help and so can you. Help us by adopting an angle, ringing a bell, helping with set up and distribution of gifts. We need you.

What do you say?

Give us a call and let us know what you can do to help. Call 219-887-6588 and ask for Daisy. Do it now. Someone needs you.

Bringing the Gospel to the Open Air

Open Air






On August 11, 2013 The Salvation Army Gary-Merrillville Corps and Community Center took the “Message to the Curb”. They had their regular Sunday morning worship service outside in the parking lot on the street curve. It was an initiative of their members and more than 40 people were present! As a result, one father and his young child sat on their porch across the street during the entire service. Another group of gentlemen came and joined the service as well. Christian Services Ministries, Nate Cielocha, visited with both onlookers. After a little while, Captain Dale Simmons talked and prayed with one of the visitors and asked if he would be O.K. with a visit. The young man welcomed the idea.

Who says the Open Air is Dead”, said Captain Dale Simmons.