Success Story: Ivory Parks


Ivory Parks came to Harbor Light just 5 months ago, but during his time here he’s made huge steps into turning his life around.

Before coming to Harbor Light Mr. Parks was homeless, living on Lower Wacker Drive and had a long time substance abuse problem. He had been incarcerated 15 times with 22 felonies, which he says are the only times that he stayed sober asides from currently being here at Harbor Light. He decided that enough was enough and began his journey here with us.

Since being here, he has worked with our Homeless Outreach Program who helped him find his own apartment through Heartland Alliance. He will be moving into his new place within the next month! With the help of our Transitional Jobs Program he has also been able to find permanent work, despite his background, with the company Bake Valley Foods.

Mr. Parks feels that the most valuable things he’s learned while here at Harbor light is how to live life on life’s terms, how to stay sober and how to be positive. He thinks being here has given him structure.

After Mr. Parks moves out, he plans to stay sober and continue to make his meetings and fellowship with the other guys. He wants to stay grounded and close to Harbor Light as well as Haymarket, where his recovery coach is located.

In his spare time, Mr. Parks likes to shop, ride his bike and listen to music. His favorite type of music is Dusties. He’s grateful for his 7 children and 19 grandchildren who are all in his life. He thinks that Harbor Light has great counselors and says, “Harbor Light is a great place to better yourself, God has been good to me!”

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