STOP-IT: Initiative Against Human Trafficking provides client-centered, trauma-informed and holistic services to trafficked persons. Stop-It is known across the country for its outreach efforts and training on human trafficking, whether it is labor, sexual exploitation or domestic servitude. They have a 24 hour hotline that receives calls from individuals wanting to escape their trafficking situations. Working with law enforcement and medical professionals, Stop-It workers help victims become survivors.


  1. Provide outreach, support, and planning to victims of trafficking to assist in safe exit from their captive situation.
  2. Offer education and training to community leaders and social service providers regarding the issues of human trafficking and what can be done in response.

Our 24 hour toll free hotline is: 877-606-3158.

For more information, check out STOP-IT’s Website.

Interested in VOLUNTEERING? – Volunteer opportunities include staffing the 24 hour hotline, becoming a trafficking trainer or hosting a training for your community, chaperoning the drop-in center, cooking meals for the drop-in center, amongst other things. Click here for more info.


  • 20 gifts of $500, which provides pre-paid cell phone service for any victim for one year, child care for a victim to attend necessary meetings or groceries for three months.
  • 8 gifts of $5,000, which provides 90 hours of legal services for foreign labor trafficking victims.
  • 4 gifts of $10,000, which covers 4 months of emergency expense for all our current clients; food, clothing, toiletries and shelter.
  • 1 gift of $50,000 to cover the cost of one worker to provide intensive case management services to approximately 40 victims over the course of a year.

Checks can be sent to The Salvation Army STOP-IT Program, 4800 N. Marine Drive, Chicago IL 60640.