Englewood Youth Empowerment Project

The Englewood Youth Empowerment Project is based in Englewood, a Chicago neighborhood besieged by violence and lack of resources. Counseling is offered to youth in danger of academic failure or when a threat of harm to self or others exists. An achievable action plan and support system help them not just survive but thrive. Youth are given a voice through the Girls’ Journal Club or the Boys’ Book Club, providing stability in an unstable neighborhood and moving them toward self-sufficiency.

As we engage the youth, we have seen an increase of parent participation and involvement. A parents’ group has formed to learn how to help their children and themselves overcome the challenges of urban life.

Community partnership helps us make the most of the opportunities. Supplies for crafting and journal creation are always needed. Gift cards to celebrate student achievements encourage the students to continue to make healthy progress. Funding for books, special events and basic operational needs go a long way to fostering community to empower youth to live healthy, safe, and contributing lives.

Contact us for more information on how to help or become involved.