About Us

Our Mission

To serve individuals, families and communities through holistic programs that equip them to meet present and future life challenges.

We assist all persons, regardless of age, race, religion, socio-economic level or disability. We are especially committed to individuals/families who are most in need and vulnerable, who have limited resources and are unable, or do not know how, to find help.

Our Values

Family and Community Services has a set of core values that is the foundation and guide for our work with vulnerable and oppressed individuals and families.


Each individual is created in the image of God which underscores his/her dignity and self-worth and preserves the right to self-determination.


The family, as a social institution, is the most important human resource.


Individuals and families are provided service without regard to socio-economic level, age, race, religion, gender, or disability.


Basic individual and family needs (food, shelter, clothing, financial, medical) are addressed as well as the strengthening of spiritual, emotional and social needs.

Individuals and families have the capacity to change themselves or their situation with the guidance of a tailored plan to meet their specific needs.


When helpful or necessary to adequately serve a family, outreach, including home visits, will be provided.


The problem-solving process may involve advocating for individuals and families to obtain necessary services.


The privacy of each individual and family is greatly respected, with staff adhering to strict rules of confidentiality.