City of Chicago OEMC “Active Shooter” Training Exercise

The Salvation Army EDS Metro Division’s Director, Major David Dalberg was contacted by The City of Chicago OEMC at the beginning of this year requesting our participation with their upcoming disaster training exercise, an “Active Shooter” at McCormick Place. Our role was supporting the Chicago Police, Fire, and other agencies on January 17, 18, and 19 by providing hydration (hot and cold) and a hot meal from our Canteen. Each day we assigned one EDS staff member to supervise a team of three EDS volunteers who would provide this service to approximately 300 First Responders involved in the exercise each day.

Tuesday’s EDS Volunteer Canteen Team: Donna Ceglarek, Yvonne Semel, David Byrne
Wednesday’s EDS Volunteer Canteen Team: Donna Ceglarek, Richard M. De Leon, Joey Logan
Thursday’s EDS Volunteer Canteen Team: Donna Ceglarek, Clay Arnold, Roseann Rustia

Grand Total For All Three Days
Vehicles 6
Volunteers 18
Volunteer Hours 160
Water 285
Gatorade 223
Coffee 53
Hot Chocolate 26
Soda 89
Energy Drinks 67
Meals 629
Snacks 1632
Gallons of Water 10

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