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Newsletter II

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Oh My!

On October 2nd the CAC held its 1st Networking Breakfast with Tracy Samantha Schmidt, Director of Social Media Strategy at Crain Communications.IMG_4472

Tracy took the room through the basic principles of networking, as well as the proper etiquette and usage of social media technology. While most attendees were familiar with social media for their personal lives, Tracy’s expertise showed how social media can easily be used to enhance their professional lives.

The CAC also had a chance to introduce ourselves to a fresh group. A copy of September’s newsletter, as well as a flyer for November’s volunteer event gave attendees a taste of the CAC . At the end of the presentation, guests were asked to fill out a comment card asking what types of programming they would like to see; feedback will be incorporated into planning for the coming year.

A great event and a major thanks to Tracy Samantha Schmidt! IMG_4469

Happy Anniversary!

The CAC is celebrating its 5th Anniversary! To mark this happy occasion, we’re rolling out a season of events, brand new leadership, and fabulous t-shirts!

You may be asking yourself, “How do I start celebrating with you guys? And will there be cake?”: The answers are:

1. Visit our Events Page! Our 1st Event is a Networking Breakfast on October 2nd featuring Tracy Samantha Schmidt, Director of Social Media Strategy at Crain Communications.

2. Check out the new Executive Council; we would love to hear from you if you have ideas for the CAC!

3. Sign-Up for Emails to be notified of CAC events. You also have the option to sign up for the CAC newsletter.

4. Consider becoming a CAC Member. For more information, fill out the Contact Us form.

5. Hopefully, there will be cake. I personally think cake is important.