Wonderland Camp


In 2013, more than 7,800 children and teens went to Wonderland Camp.
Thousands more participated in programs at our 28 community centers.
All were provided a safe haven from violence.

The Salvation Army’s 28 community centers serve as a safe haven every day for children and teens living in dangerous, impoverished urban neighborhoods. Through a broad array of recreational, arts and educational programs, these centers provide enticing alternatives to get kids off the streets, safe from violence and out of harm’s way.

“It’s easy for the gangs on the street to make a kid feel like there’s no way out, but there’s always a way out, and The Salvation Army can show them the way,” says Lieutenant Corey Hughes, Corps Officer, the Adele and Robert Stern Red Shield Center in Englewood.

Each summer, The Salvation Army’s Wonderland Camp in bucolic rural Wisconsin provides a refuge for thousands of children, many of whom can’t play safely outside or just be carefree kids.

Nestled on hundreds of acres of rolling hills, among trees reaching to the sky, campers run, jump, swim, climb and – best of all – smile.

wonderland-5-1Wonderland Camp offers kids a chance to discover new experiences, such as zip lines, a high ropes course, boating, swimming, archery and more. Each challenge is designed to help them gain confidence, build character, have fun and learn the value of teamwork.

Arianna Martin, 9, who lives in Englewood, described the high ropes course on which teams of three must work together to navigate obstacles 20 feet high in the air. “It was scary, but I did it! I grabbed onto my friend’s hand and we just did it. We also made sure we cheered on the other groups too.”

Says Salvation Army donor Linda Swanson Chapin, who attended Wonderland Camp as a child, “There are children coming here who may not have the opportunity to have a beautiful summer experience. That is going to impact their lives. I know it will impact their lives.”


See kids in action at camp

Watch the video here. Then send a kid to camp by making a donation at www.salarmychicago.org/donate.