Statistical Highlights


The Evangeline Booth Lodge provided 2,587 men, women and children with lodging, food, clothing and other aid. Combining all shelter programs, each night over 1,200 people are accommodated under a Chicagoland

Hunger and Nutrition

Feeding programs provided 1,582,777 nutritious meals to hungry people of all ages across metropolitan Chicago.Salvation Army roof.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance was provided to 118,426 people for rent and mortgage, clothing, transportation, utility bills,prescription medication and other help.

Disaster Services

Salvation Army workers and volunteers provided support to 107,469 first responders at disasters throughout metropolitan Chicago. The 50 responses ranged from major flooding to individual home fires.

Family and Community Services

The Salvation Army Family & Community Services Division provided individual, marital and group counseling for 10,895 cases representing 18,322 people. The Homemakers program provided more than 17,575 hours of service to give practical aid to shut-ins, the disabled, troubled families and others in need.

Rehabilitation Services

Our Harbor Light Center and two Adult Rehabilitation Centers assisted 2,513 people with programs designed to help facilitate long-term recovery from substance abuse and successful re-entry into the community.


Correctional Services

2,318 men and women at The Salvation Army Correctional Services Center were helped to re-enter life’s mainstream as productive, self-respecting citizens.

Corps Community Centers

With a total monthly attendance of 1,737 youth and adults, Salvation Army Corps Community Centers throughout the Chicago area provided worship, fellowship, education and recreational activities. In addition, there was a total attendance of 113,949 during the year at our leadership training and character development programs for youth.

Early Childhood Development

Salvation Army child care programs for low-income families provided 23,500 care-days at our nine Chicago Head Start sites. Medical and dental screenings were provided for more than 757 children. 54,718 meals gave the children one-third of their daily nutritional needs.

Music Education

4,190 sessions of Salvation Army music activities, including brass bands, string and choral groups for adults and young people, resulted in a total attendance of 54,909.


The Salvation Army provided 13,452 children, seniors, adults and families, with 46,212 refreshing camping days at the Wonderland Camp and Conference Center.

Older Adults

1,428 Salvation Army program sessions for older adults provided fellowship, recreation, education and spiritual growth, with a total attendance of 50,261.

Compassion for the Infirm

Salvation Army personnel and volunteers brought hope and cheer to 48,150 Chicago area shut-ins and patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

Service Extension

Reaching out to Chicago suburbs, The Salvation Army’s 70 Service Units (volunteer committees) provided emergency assistance to 5,026 men, women and children.


50,488 individuals volunteered to assist in Chicago-area Salvation Army programs, donating 268,670 hours of volunteer service.