New Horizons

educationIn 2013, The Salvation Army delivered music education programs to more than 50,000 youth and adults at its corps community centers and in three CPS schools, just one of dozens of activities we provide to offer safe, positive alternatives to hanging out on the street corner.

education-7-1The Salvation Army believes that all children deserve a quality education, regardless of where they live or their family’s financial circumstances. That’s why the Army offers educational enrichment programs at all of its corps community centers. These programs not only supplement the curricula of neighborhood schools, they provide a safe haven for kids who might otherwise be out on the streets and become victims of violence.

Our after-school tutoring, arts education, character-building programs and teen drop-in programs expand children’s horizons beyond the classroom and the street corner. Even the Army’s sports and recreation programs are aimed at teaching more than athletics, emphasizing teamwork, responsibility, sportsmanship, integrity and goal-setting. In 2013, Salvation Army character development programs had an annual attendance of 113,000.

The Salvation Army begins working with some children at birth, to give them a strong foundation. We operate the largest number of Head Start locations in the city of Chicago, with nine sites serving 380 children from birth to age 5. In 2013, we were proud to be the child care provider of choice for the Simpson Academy for Young Women, the only Chicago public school for pregnant women and young mothers.

education-7-2Aneesa Davis, 14, receives after-school tutoring from The Salvation Army in her neighborhood on the near West Side. She was recently admitted to Northside College Preperatory High School. Her mom Martha says, “I’m so thankful to The Salvation Army because without them, my kids would never have received these opportunities. They have such wonderful volunteers and tutors. When these kids come to The Salvation Army after school, it’s homework time.”