Rebuilding Life after Losing Everything in Hurricane SandyOvercoming Addiction to Start Life Anew

In December 2013, Michael Jones, 52, of Chicago’s South Loop, was determined to put his drinking behind him and start a new life. It was a long and dark road that led him to the doors of The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center looking for help.

Growing up, Jones was a social drinker – an occasional drink during a hot day or a few drinks at a party. Not a problem, he thought. But soon his drinking grew out of control and started to cause problems in his marriage. In 2008, Jones’s wife left him, tired of waiting for him to address the nearly two decades of substance abuse. By 2009, he was homeless. He moved from house to house and in and out of various homeless shelters. “The last place I lived was a roach and bed-bug-infested apartment,” said Jones. “But it was right across the street from the liquor store, so it was alright with me.”

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